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Colette Jones is a singer, songwriter, and musician from Washington State, formerly based in Nashville, TN. 

A lifelong daydreamer, she grew up enveloped in songs and stories. Her musical journey took her from playing power chords in a punk band to Travis Picking folk songs and singing old country ballads. 

During a transformative tenure in Nashville, Colette polished up two albums worth of songs, the first of which is now available, with the follow up coming soon (follow on instagram for the latest updates).

Colette is a passionate conduit of roots music, Americana, classic country, and all that in between.  She has studied ethnomusicology and folklife both academically and as a hobbyist, and through her research and love of this music, strives to bring authenticity and honesty to the stories she sings, honoring the diverse ancestors and history of real country music as it is brought into a new era. 

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