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Colette Jones is a singer-songwriter driven by boundless dreams and an unwavering passion for the power of music and storytelling. Hailing from the lush soundscape of the Pacific Northwest, with a lineage of artistic and musical brilliance, Colette is a scholar and ardent vessel of folk, roots, Americana, and classic country music. She recently spent four transformative years in Nashville, where she honed her craft and etched her stories into two full-length studio albums. 

Her debut, Deluge, intertwines classic country and Americana sounds, while infused with an ethereal and bluegrass drive. The tracks unfold as tales of love and loss, addiction, heartache, and an overarching theme of “searching for a way home,” as Colette sings in the opening lines of the first track, "Unfound." The album skillfully walks the line between blues-rock on tracks like "Secret Life," and a rebellious “outlaw country” spirit as showcased on tracks such as "Fever Dream" and "Train Song." 


The follow up, TBA, builds on these themes, with honky-tonk and cosmic country influences. The first track, “How’s That Workin’ For Ya Now” is available to stream on bandcamp.

Stream Deluge wherever you listen to music. Follow along on social media for more dates and announcements to come. 

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