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Colette Jones is a singer-songwriter from the Pacific Northwest. She comes from a family of artists and musicians and recalls, as a child, persistently begging the adults around her for songs and stories for which she had an insatiable appetite. She grew up immersed in nature and imagination and poured her often-lonesome daydreamer heart into art and writing from an early age. 


She began playing on stages as a teenager and became deeply involved in her local music scene. During the next decade Colette lived her life as an artist and mother, waiting tables and attending college classes off and on. In 2013 she transferred to a state liberal arts college to finish her degree, and it was during this time that she began to find her voice musically and hone in on her passions. Over the next few years she formed several music projects and made connections which pushed her music into new directions.


After graduating college, Colette continued to play gigs regularly, and took a foray into musical theater. When COVID put a hold on the entertainment industry, Colette and her family decided to follow suit. They moved out of their townhouse in the city, and spent the spring living off-grid at the family cabin secluded in the Douglas fir paradise of Washington State. As they sat around campfires, hiked, and beachcombed, they spoke of little else than their dream to move to Tennessee. Fueled by the uncertainty and upheaval felt by and large around the world, they decided to take the plunge and drove across the country that very summer. 


As events unfolded around the world and at home, Colette stayed quietly busy. In 2021 she went into the studio armed with a catalog of songs that had long been yearning to come to life. The album is a soundscape of classic country and Americana, with an ethereal and bluegrass drive. The songs are tales of love and loss, addiction, heartache, and an overarching theme of “searching for a way home,” as Colette sings in the opening lines of the first track, "Unfound." The album walks the line beautifully between the familiar sounds of blues-rock on tracks like "Secret Life," and the increasingly popular genre of so-called “outlaw country,” as showcased on tracks such as "Fever Dream" and "Train Song." 


For current information, follow Colette on instagram @colettejonesmusic 

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